Tuesday, 29 May 2012

jubilee joy!

So I thought it was about time I showed you my Jubilee themed makes using the super rad package of goodies from The Sewing Boutique.  You may remember that I started with this:

  • 3 Squares of 9x9 inch felt in red, white and blue.  I need to tell you again just how fab the quality of this felt is - its good and thick, and unlike thinner felts, it doesn't stretch so easily and the colours are so bright!
  • A pack of red white and blue buttons in different sizes.
  • One Union Jack button.
  • Some blue gingham bows. Available in these packs, or as a thicker ribbon.

You can use the links above to buy!

So as I said before, while I was so very incredibly excited about the task, I found that the Facebook crafts community was full to bursting with Jubilee related items so the idea of creating something while trying to be unique was rather daunting. With this in mind I dragged myself away from the PC and got my sketchbook out.  I got my thinking cap on and tried to think about all things British and Queen related.  Crowns and corgis, obsession with the weather and extreme eccentricity all weren't for me.  Then it hit me - something I love, I have it almost every day in vast quantities, something quintessentially English (though probably technically Chinese)...  TEA! So with this in mind, I created my very first bit of embroidery hoop appliqué art:

Here I have used a small embroidery hoop (4 1/4 inches) to act as a frame for this felt appliqué Union Jack teapot.  It was a little like putting together a jigsaw - a very very fiddly jigsaw where I had to trim the pieces to fit!  It is entirely hand stitched, and a ribbon can be added to the top in order to hang it.  The hoop is definitely a one of a kind item - it was far too fiddly for me to want to make another! This darling teapot will preview at the Jubilee Yard Exchange at The Royal William Yard, and unless it sells, will be available online on my Facebook Page on the 5th June for £12.

I was so pleased with this design I made some cards too!

My second make is a variation on one of my keyrings:
Again, I have used the felt (I do adore felt!) to create an appliqué bird, and have used the ribbons and buttons as a little extra detail.  I do like how the bow looks on the front - I may have to use them on all of these style keyrings in future! I have layered the buttons on the reverse to keep up the Jubilee colours, and also to add interest to the back.  This will, like the hoop, be available at the Yard Exchange, and will be sold as a limited edition custom order on my Facebook Page for £4.75. 

I hope you have enjoyed my Jubilee makes - It's definitely been a challenge for me - I do like to push myself when I've been in my comfort zone for a while - so this monthly challenge is great for me!  There may well be more red white and blue coming, but not just at the moment :)

Don't forget our next craft fair at the green at The Royal William Yard, Plymouth.  I've just heard there will also be live music as well as crafts, arts, food, furniture and all sorts of other goodies :)

Don't miss my next blog as I'll be doing my very first tutorial! 


  1. Oh my goodness those makes are AMAZING!!!! Cant wait to put them on my blog, will get into gear and sort it out this week.

    They truly are inspirational makes. I adore embroidery hoop art and that teapot clearly took a lot of work but it was so worth it as the outcome is amazing.

    Such a fab use of the first Design Team package!

    x x

  2. Fab makes :-). I can only agree how fiddly it is to make up a tiny union flag as i did some this weekend too.
    Its interesting to see what everyone else on the design team made. I just have to write my blog now. I was so eager to get into the making i forgot to take a photo of the pack when i opened it lol.

    Its been such a fun challenge hasn't it.