Monday, 7 May 2012

competition time!

We did it!

We smashed the target of 250 likes, and now, as promised, is the competition!
It's come at a pretty busy time for me, I have a few craft fairs coming up and today I am working on a donation of kitty toys for Plymouth Cats Protection today.  I have made a prototype toy to try out on my two furry friends.  Pepper was not interested - she wanted to go outside in the rain to play with her boyfriend who lives upstairs.  But here is Bracken...

 At first, she was not interested.  This was not a surprise to me, as she is an old dear at 16/17 years old and doesn't leave the sofa all day if she can help it!

But then, it was play time!

She hasn't stopped playing with it since!  It's strange how catnip affects some cats but not others.  If your kitty loves the 'nip, pop down to Exeter Axhays Shelter on May 27th for the crafty fund raiser for Cats Protection.

So... back on topic - here is the competition! 

I've decided on a 50% off voucher for the prize this time as stock is a little thin on the ground with all the craft fairs coming up.  The voucher will last 3 months, giving you plenty of time to make your decision/wait for me to upload more items after the craft fairs :)
If  you are the winner, please note that you will need to contact me via email or the message function on Facebook within a week of me announcing the winner to receive the voucher.  If it is not claimed after 7 days I will redraw.  In order for you to get updates on who wins you might like to follow my blog or 'like' the Facebook page - else you might miss out! 

So, in order to win the voucher - all you have to do is comment below, telling me what you would use the voucher on!  
Due to Facebook's silly rules, I am not allowed to ask you to do anything Facebook related, but if you were to *publicly* (the 'who can see this post' setting on Facebook- else I can't keep track of who's done it) share the post on Facebook, it may just earn you an extra entry :P  I will be drawing the winner on Friday!

Good Luck! 


  1. I would spend it on a beautiful brooch to adorn my coat :)

  2. Ooh I would spend it on a brooch too as I already have a lovely keyring :)

  3. I would spend it on either the awesome customer order i've placed (hanging frog) ... or on a hanging owl! So many nice things :))

  4. Ooooowwls!! to shower my girlfriend with gifts at the end of the month x :)

  5. how could you choose ?!!! i think though a gorgeous brooch, you cat in the top picture is so like my Evie, expect for the eyes, my Evie has brown eyes !! what pretty cats x