Wednesday, 23 May 2012

busy busy!

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks at heartstitch hq! I've been working my booty off for craft fairs - lots of new bits to show everyone, and new colour combinations of some old favourites too.

Firstly, I'd better plug the next craft fair! It will be in Plymouth, at the Royal William Yard on the 4th of June. This is going to be MASSIVE! I'm so looking forward to it, and I hope to meet lots of local makers and new customers alike.  We will have all our new items for sale there, and we do hope you like them!

If you missed out on the barrage of posts on the Facebook page - here are the new things I have been making:

Firstly, I have started making purses/pouches (do what you want with them!) I am currently making small, medium and large ones, and may do an extra large at a later date.  The small one is perfect for a regular money purse - it's big enough to hold bank/credit cards and the like, with room still for change and other small bits.  The medium will also hold a mobile phone, and the large would be great as a pencil case or make-up bag.  All bags are lined, and have a little heart zip pull attached :)

Large pouch - 8 by 4 inches - £7.50
Small purse - 4.5 by 3 inches - £4.50

Medium pouch - 5.75 by 4 inches - £6

I have also branched into earrings - I'm not going for the whole jewellery bag, but I have some gorgeous buttons and they needed showcasing! Studs seemed perfect to show them off -they've been rather popular so far.  They are, of course, silver plated and nickel free to conform with standards. Here is a small selection:

Button earrings starting from £2

I've also enlisted my dear mother to make more crochet items (she kindly makes my knitted flower brooches), and she's made these fab coasters in pretty pastels and brights.
Pretty crochet coasters £2.50 each
or 4 for £9! Bargainous!

Also new but also not so new, I have restocked my owl and foxy keyrings as they had completely sold out!  Completely hand-stitched as normal, but with new colour combinations, and a couple of my favourites have made it back in stock, as well as some new bookmarks and greetings cards:

Bookmarks £3.75
New foxy keyring £4.60

Owl keyring £4.50

In other news (rather large super exciting news!), I have been chosen by The Sewing Boutique - an online haberdashery and fabric store as part of their 4 man design team! There's even a blog post all about ME!  They will send me out a package of goodies monthly, and my task is to create something/s fabulous with whatever I receive! Mr. Postie brought me my first package on Monday and here it is:

It is rather fitting for the time of year - Jubilee themed! I have to be honest, I have avoided Jubilee themed items (apart from one red white and blue pair of button earrings) as the Facebook crafty market has been FILLED with all things British, and I wasn't sure how much it required my contribution, and with SO much out there, I wasn't sure I could create something different, but I have given it my best shot! I am by no means finished with the challenge, but the one thing I have made so far has spurred me on, I have a lot of felt (and this is really good quality felt by the way, it's delightfully thick and the colours really are as bright as in the picture) and all the buttons and ribbons left - so I think I can get a bit more creative and try to incorporate them into the next make.  If you want to purchase any of their items (I will be back for more felt!), or just have a browse (they have some beautiful Riley Blake fabric I have my beady eyes on) you can find their online store *here*.  Don't be fretting - I know I've not shown you what I've made with this bundle of goodness - I will be dedicating a whole entire blog post to it once I've created some more things with it :D

I think that's enough news for now, stay posted for details of more craft fairs/fetes etc, and to see what on earth I've made with my Jubilee package! 


  1. So glad you liked the bundle and Im so looking forward to seeing your makes :) You're right though, facebook is full of jubilee makes and its so difficult to come up with something "original".

    Also, thank you for the lovely things you've said about the shop! The Riley Blake we have in is stunning and theres more coming soon (keep reminding myself it NOT all mine!!)

    Rhi x x

    1. I love the bundle! I'm already looking forward to next months, even though I'm not done with this one! And you are more than welcome - your products really are super :) I'm always dubious about online haberdashers, as I'm one of those people that like to touch and have a proper look and can find the internet photos quite misleading but what you have sent me is fab quality, and as soon as I have a little spare change I WILL be having some of that fancy Riley Blake fabric, you will just have to share it! :P

  2. Popping by to say hello from a fellow design team member on the sewing boutique. I am still learning to blog so am not so good at links yet.

    Love the little purses, i keep meaning to learn how to put in a zip but something else always get in the way.

    lane :-)

    1. It's a learning curve for me too! I'm rather good at waffling, but the techy stuff is a bit daunting, which is silly really, as I'm not *all* bad with computer-y things!
      If you get stuck with any techniques, do ask, or youtube is ALWAYS your friend :)