Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back to reality

Well, I had a very very busy two weeks back home in Dorset (not that I have much to show for it other than a bunch of craft supplies!).  I had such an amazing response to my competition I spent far too much time watching my page, but I was blown away by how many people entered - thank you so much! But now I am back in blustery Plymouth, and it's back to normality for me.

I spent a good bit of time rearranging my craft 'area' - an old amp, a small bookshelf, and my coffee table in my living room - it seems ever growing, and I have run out of boxes and places to put boxes if I had any!  It's a great shame because I have been very excited about a toaster box full of vintage fabric and trim goodies donated to me by my grandmother - she used to be a dressmaker, and being of the 'make do and mend' generation, she has a giant fabric stash in a box on her landing with fabrics from old clothes from as far back as the 60's, and I even have a piece of lace from my Aunts wedding dress that Granny made in the 70's.

Here is a peek at what's in the box:

And here's a look at my newly clean (but probably not for long) craft area - I thought I'd take the picture as proof that *sometimes* I am tidy!

You can see little Bracken taking a nap while she watches me working hard... oh to be a cat! 

I've also had a very lucky week.  Unfortunately, I didn't win the Lotto, but I did win two Sticker Sunday competitions!  Sticker Sunday is run by Kittypinkstars - one of my favourite people to 'stalk' on Facebook, and her Blog is brilliant too!  My stickers came in such pretty envelopes, I almost didn't want to open them! But I was too excited about the contents, so I tore them open carefully, and inside was a world of stickery goodness in the brightest paper bags I have ever seen!  You can enter Sticker Sunday every Sunday (surprise surprise) over at Kitty's Blog - although I do recommend you check out her Etsy shop too where you can buy her super cute fluffy puffs or take a closer look at some of her fantastic illustrations - and even order a custom doodle!

My last bit of news is a bit exciting for me... 
As the weather is cheering up, us crafty lot are thinking about craft fairs and fetes and the like - and I'll be attending my very first fair at... wait for it... my favourite pub!  Whoever came up with the idea of crafts AND wine in the same place really does deserve a medal.  If you live in Plymouth, come down to Jack Chams on Ebrington Street - there'll be t-shirts and art and zines and everything DIY - all in all, it's set to be a great evening, with DJs playing after for those of a more 'party' disposition.  Here is the poster: 

And on that note - I'd best get cracking with the sewing!


  1. YAY!!! A happy sticker winner!!! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for stalking me.. I truly appreciate your comments! Cosy work area too!!!

  2. OOOh you lucky thing!

    loving the fabric stash.


  3. Taaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,

    I nominated your blog for a Leibster award. just a bit of reader building fun.

    Visit my blog to find out more..........