Tuesday, 10 April 2012

100 'Likes'!

WOW! In just over 3 days, my little Facebook page (www.facebook.com/heartstitching) has reached over 100 'likes' AND I've had my first 'real' customer! She bought this little owl keyring which was one of my first makes!

I am amazed by this social networking malarky - although it is rather time consuming. Returning likes for likes, promoting your page on special community or networking pages, 'hiking' etc etc. It's had me chained to my PC (not anything new by any means!) but I've found some more lovely pages and spent rather a lot of time trawling through photo albums. 

If you are looking to do some networking, I can highly recommend a blog post by Dotty Anglaise about being a technophope. You can find it here, and while I am no technophobe, this idea of networking had me in a right tizzy.  Other networking pages that include helpful hints include new page Mrs. Strings, old favourite Hike those Likes, and SITT.  I did find some more specifically crafty networking pages, and while they are both relatively new, they are rather good! The first, which runs lots of games and promotes swapping and upcycling, is Crafty Love.  The second is a little less interactive (but I believe this is because the wheels are still in motion), but is run by a lovely lady who is of the opinion that networking is much nicer when you get together and do it over tea and cake. (I happen to agree wholeheartedly - especially the tea and cake part!) She has coined the fabulous term "Natterworking".

So... as a celebration of reaching the big 100 so quickly, I am running a competition on the Facebook page to win a keyring or brooch of your choice! It could be one already up in the photo albums, or it could be a custom one to your specifications (within reason, obviously - while I can sew, I am not the stitching goddess my grandmother is!).  All you need to do, is head over to the page (here!) click on this picture:

Then you can 'like' it for one entry, comment on it for another entry, and if you share it, you can have a third entry!  The winner will be drawn on Thursday at 6pm.  

So, thank you if you have 'liked' my page, and good luck with the competition! 


  1. It's been lovely to meet you!!! Heading over now... I never win so gonna try REAL hard!!!!!

  2. Great tips will have to checkout some of those links! Great comp I've put in my entries!