Monday, 13 August 2012

it's been a while...

It's felt like an age since my last blog post, or even my last Facebook post!   I have not quite dropped off the face of the planet, rather I have been taking some time out - the last few months have been rather hectic with a zillion craft fairs, and due to the nature of my craft - it does take rather a long time to restock, meaning I have had a grand total of maybe 2 days off in months!  Not that I'm complaining - I love what I do! 

So in my 'holiday' there was my birthday - where I was treated to a myriad of handmade goodies... here are just a few:

 We went crabbing on the Barbican and caught a very angry one armed crab who attacked my boots!

And best of all, I had a lovely visit from a good friend who lives too far away :)

We also took a short trip to Weston Super Mere where it rained an awful lot and I had NO internet?! Can you imagine?! We took walks on the beach with some family, spent way too much time on the 2p machines in the arcades, and watched a lot of the Olympics when it was too wet to do anything.

All in all, a very relaxing time! Which means I am now back to the grindstone, and after old Mr. Elna breaking on me, I now have a shiny new sewing machine to enjoy working with (once I get over how terrifyingly hi-tech it is!) - meet Fritz!

I have LOTS to catch up with, so I shall put the kettle on and get to it!

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